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Pozdrav, Barishan!

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Out of 1811 articles (pages) on Bosnian Wiktionary, there are:

Bosnian Wiktionary reached 500 articles on 6 July 2011 and 1000 articles on 18 July 2011, primarily thanks to you. It has long had fewer than 500 articles since January/February 2007.

Congratulations for the good work. -- Bugoslav 07:37, 12 septembar 2011 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

Puno hvala, ja govorim malo bosanski and I wish I could speak more, so that I could help more :) Yeah when I first came here, there were approximately 300 articles. Trying to do my best :) Good to see a native speaker here :) Barishan 21:08, 12 septembar 2011 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]


Congratulations Barishan!

The page yağmur is the 2000th page with dictionary content on Bosnian Wiktionary! -- Bugoslav (razg.); nedjelja, 18. septembar 2011., 21:54 (CEST)

Great for all of us, and Bosnian speakers, I hope someone uses these someday :) By the way, as I found you here, can I ask a few questions? I'm in trouble with some spellings, for example pobeda and pobjeda. Which one is Bosnian, which one is Croatian, or are they alternatives? The same thing with voleti, voljeti. Should I always use the Ijekavian spellings here? Lastly, could you please add the aorist forms of plakati, and imperfekts of doći? Thanks in advance! Hope to reach multiples of 2000 :) Barishan 22:19, 18 septembar 2011 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
P.S. Oops I thought you were a native speaker of Bosnian, sorry just noticed my mistake :D Barishan 20:19, 11 oktobar 2011 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
Hello, Barishan. Since I am professor of Bosnian language and literature, I could help you a bit. ;) Voljeti and pobjeda are Bosnian (and Croatian and Montenegrin) standard variants, voleti and pobeda are Serbian. Only Serbian of these 4 languages use ekavian forms. 3 other languages use ijekavian forms (of course, we understand each others perfectly well, because it's just spelling/pronunciation difference in these cases - the meaning is same), but there are some exceptions from general rules, like this one: N sg. vrIJEme - G sg. vrEmena (Serbian: N sg. vreme - G sg. vremena) etc. About aorist and imperfect? There's one thing you should know here: in terms of duration of the action they describe, verbs in our languages can be imperfective (like pjevati /to sing) and perfective (like zapjevati /to start singing). Aorist is made MOSTLY from perfective verbs (that is, every perfective verb has aorist) and imperfect is made ONLY from imperfective verbs (that is, perfective verbs don't have imperfect at all). However, some imperfective verbs (not all) do have aorist too, but perfect tense is usually used instead of it. In examples: verb doći (perfective) has aorist, but doesn't have imperfect, and plakati (imperfective) has both tenses, but aorist is rarely used. And now, I want to thank you for your work here. You don't even speak our language(s) yet you continuously contribute, which is astonishing for me. I would like to work more here, but (BS) Wikipedia distracts me, so to say. :) If you have more questions, just shoot. :-) I check here from time to time. -- Kukac 22:22, 18 novembar 2011 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
Waow, thanks a million! Actually my grandparents are Bosnians so I grew up with the language spoken around me but now I remember only a few things, so I could use your help so frequently :) That'd be great to see you here as an active user :) Thank you so much again :) See you. Barishan 18:13, 25 novembar 2011 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
Oh, you have our roots. Even better. :-) I will help here and there, insha'Allah. You can check what I did in plakati. And revert if I did something wrong, of course. :) I put the accent marks because accent can change meaning in some cases. One more thing: I noticed that there is no 3. person of singular and plural for imperative in the conjugation template. But our language(s) can express them, albeit analitically. Example: verb raditi (to do, to work): 3rd person imperative sg. neka radi; 3rd person imperative pl. neka rade. This word neka is an imperative word + present tense = imperative for 3rd persons. This should be added in the template's code. -- Kukac 20:53, 26 novembar 2011 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
Actually I didn't make that šablon, it was made by another native speaker. But I'll try to add the sections now :) Thanks for noticing :) Barishan 11:04, 27 novembar 2011 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
I guess it's done. Can you check plakati, doći, jesti and voljeti if they all look OK now? And also can you please add them definitons, for example "To consume by putting it into the mouth and swallowing it." to jesti. And one more thing, Isn't prijevodi better than prevod, for the "translations" title? Barishan 11:09, 27 novembar 2011 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

It's done. And yes: "prijevod(i)" has slight advantage in our ortography, but both is correct. -- Kukac 18:36, 27 novembar 2011 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

Hi (or merhaba). :-) How are you? What's up, what's down? :-) Need any help? :) -- Kukac (razgovor) 15:24, 28 april 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
Ah merhaba! :) That's good to see you again :) Well I'm fine how about you? Actually I could use a little bit of help about entries like škole; I'm not sure if "Genitiv od škola", "Akuzativ množina od škola" are the correct ways to say it. Plus, "Imenički oblik" is a good title? (And also the category; "Imeničke oblici") Barishan (razgovor) 15:30, 28 april 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
Knock-knock! Anybody here? :-) It's Kukac who's knocking; I changed my username so I am letting you know that, just in case. ;) -- KWiki (razgovor) 23:14, 16 juli 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
Hey there, I'm still here of course :) Thanks for pointing out, now I know who to disturb when I have another wide set of questions :) Barishan (razgovor) 11:35, 17 juli 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

I'm still alive. :-) Just to say... hmmm... merhaba, perhaps? :D What's up here? :) -- KWiki (razgovor) 09:54, 11 novembar 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

Great work[uredi]


I can't understand your language. But it seems you are doing great job. Impressive. !!! බිඟුවා 17:50, 11 oktobar 2011 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

Hi there. And thanks a lot :) Are you a Sinhalese speaker? That'd be great to see words of sinhala jezik here :) Barishan 20:19, 11 oktobar 2011 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]


Welcome aboard! Since I'm barely ever here, and upon suggestion of Bugoslav, I've made you an administrator. Enjoy :) --Dijan 04:45, 9 novembar 2011 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

Waow, thanks :) I feel the authority :D Barishan 22:00, 9 novembar 2011 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
Congratulations for the adminship. Face-smile.svg -- Bugoslav (razgovor) 14:42, 16. novembra 2011. (CET)


Hello Barishan! Could you, please, fix MediaWiki:August so that it writes august instead of avgust. Naturally in plain letters since no formating is needed. -- Bugoslav (razgovor) 14:42, 16. novembra 2011. (CET)

Done, and thanks for the suggestion and congratulation :) Too bad I can't hang out here as much as I used to do. Barishan 23:46, 17 novembar 2011 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
Or you could just delete that page since the default value is already correct (august). Malafaya (razgovor) 22:13, 30 august 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

Names of months (calendar)[uredi]

I have recently tried to find Turkish versions of month names of the Persian calendar, and found them in one of the works of Kudret Emiroğlu (the publication was from 1995). In that publication (I've forgotten the title), he lists these month names: Farvardin, Ordibehest, Hordad, Tir, Amordad, Çahrivar, Mehr, Aban, Azar, Day, Bahman, Isfendarmaz. Those names are slightly different from what is written here (on tr:wiki). There is also a very interesting category on en:wikt named en:Category:fa:Months.

With regards to Bosnian language, there are also Bosnian names of months of the Persian calendar. See here.

Do you know something about the month names of the Persian (Iranian) calendar, as they are written in the Turkish language? Please help. Face-smile.svg -- Bugoslav (talk) 12:00, 11. maja 2012. – 19. džumadel-uhra 1433. (CEST)

To be honest, I'm not educated about Orientalistics but I guess this one is the true list; Ferverdin, Ordibehşt, ..., İsfend. Emiroğlu's version seems to be a transliteration to me :) Barishan (razgovor) 16:58, 11 maj 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]


Hi, Barishan.

You seem to be the only one around here and I would like to make a suggestion. If you see fit, please spread it to other contributors.

The category system here is a bit awkward for maintaining interwikis. For example, Kategorija:Dani u sedmici is at the same time the base category for days of the weeks (in all languages) and the specific category for days of the week in Bosnian. Usually, other Wiktionaries adopt one of the following:

  • a base category for their language, and a sub-category for keeping categories in other languages: Topic (Base + Bosnian) >> Topic in other languages >> Topic (language)
  • a base category for all languages, and sub-categories for all languages, even local language: Topic (Base) >> Topic (language)

Lately I have been seeing Wiktionaries that had been using the first approach, changing to the second (i.e., Russian, English). So I would recommend that one. So, for example, for Days of the weeks, you would have:

  • Kategorija:Dani u sedmici (base)
  • Kategorija:en:Dani u sedmici (example for English, included inside the previous base category)
  • Kategorija:bs:Dani u sedmici (example for Bosnian, included inside the previous base category). The Bosnian articles that are now in Kategorija:Dani u sedmici would be moved into this category.

What do you say? Malafaya (razgovor) 13:00, 29 august 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

Hi there.
Well that completely makes sense, I was also thinking of that as well, but being the only active user here is a bit boring. You gave me the spark to finally organise the categories. I also think that going with categories like Kategorija:bs:Dani u sedmici is a better idea. Thanks for pointing it out :) Barishan (razgovor) 18:47, 29 august 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
No problem. I'm also an interested part :), because I like to maintain category interwiki links among Wiktionaries, and usually links to Bosnian (among a few others) are a headache. Malafaya (razgovor) 10:53, 30 august 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
Ah, another thing: when you create a category, and if possible, add at least an interwiki link to it. The English Wiktionary does not have a Bosnian language category (they use Serbo-Croatian), so I recommend using the appropriate French category (if you know some French) or, if it exists, the Turkish one. Thanks, Malafaya (razgovor) 10:58, 30 august 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

Kategorija:tr:Imenički oblici[uredi]

Kategorija:tr:Imenički oblici = Category:Turkish noun forms ? Malafaya (razgovor) 13:31, 2 septembar 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

Yep, it is. Barishan (razgovor) 13:32, 2 septembar 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
Sorry for being late. Work, work, work... :) I can't do anything with the template "tr-glagol" because, when I open it for editing, there's nothing to edit :-) except that sole word. I don't know if you did something with it meanwhile (just send me the link if you have something for me ;)). Also, you are not the only one who's active here ;) - you're just the only regular one. :D I just don't have time for all Wiki-projects, although the wish is in the heart. ;) -- KWiki (razgovor) 22:57, 10 septembar 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

Vlastita imenica[uredi]

Vlastita imenica is proper noun, right? It's not Place or topographic name, correct? Because I recall vlast having something to do with countries. Malafaya (razgovor) 17:45, 3 septembar 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

Yes, it's proper noun. Vlast means "power" and "authority" :) Barishan (razgovor) 17:52, 3 septembar 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
Thanks. Apparently, I was thinking of Czech "vlast" which means "homeland". Malafaya (razgovor) 19:24, 3 septembar 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

Hi. What is Kategorija:tr:Sisari? Malafaya (razgovor) 17:16, 5 septembar 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

Sisari = Mammals. I've added the links to tr category but I have to go out now, so I can't add to the other languages for now. Barishan (razgovor) 17:20, 5 septembar 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
It's fine. I recorded it in my user page. Thanks, Malafaya (razgovor) 19:23, 5 septembar 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]


Hi. Indulge me with the creation of Kategorija:lv:Mjeseci as an example :). I will create others. Thanks, Malafaya (razgovor) 13:42, 7 septembar 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

I just added the categories Mjeseci (months) and Letonski jezik (Latvian language). Is it enough, you think? Barishan (razgovor) 13:47, 7 septembar 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
To create other categories for months, yes. Thank you, Malafaya (razgovor) 14:03, 7 septembar 2012 (KSV) Sorry, I misunderstood. I'm not sure how detailed you would like to go. Maybe a category for "Time" would be in order? Malafaya (razgovor) 14:04, 7 septembar 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
I added Kategorija:lv:Vrijeme ("time") as well :) Barishan (razgovor) 14:11, 7 septembar 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

Changing username[uredi]

How can I "merge" "Kukac" with "KWiki" here, having known that I already worked here under new username? I know that that complicates the things now. -- KWiki (razgovor) 23:47, 10 septembar 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

Whoa, I've never noticed that KWiki is a new account, I thought you've changed Kukac to KWiki. So there are two seperate acoounts now. I think you should take a look at this. Barishan (razgovor) 16:48, 11 septembar 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
Since I work primarily on BS Wikipedia, I asked our bureaucrat to change my name and he did and it's all OK there. But I didn't know that the change is valid only for BS Wikipedia and not for other BS-Wikiprojects or Wikiprojects in general. When I realized that I have 2 accounts now and that I worked under this new name, it was late. I know you're an admin here (who else would be? :)), so I asked you to see if you can help me with this issue at least here. Thank you for the link, although I don't have will nor time to deal with this right now. -- KWiki (razgovor) 18:46, 11 septembar 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]


Selam Barishan
bu wikide herhangi bir bürokrat yok mu, yoksa Metda da mi bot hakki icin sormami gerek?selamlar--George Animal (razgovor) 20:35, 9 novembar 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
Selam, açıkçası bu işlerin nasıl yürüdüğünü ben hiç bilmiyorum. Meta daha yararlı olacaktır. Bu arada, "vlastita imenica" "özel isim" anlamına geliyor. Bu yüzden malbatın başlığını "Imenica" ("isim") olarak değiştiriyorum. Bir de, açıkçası Kürtçe gramer hakkında pek bilgi sahibi değilim ama ismin hâlleri için gerekli şablonları buraya taşımak da çok iyi olacaktır. İngilizce Wiktionary'de böyle şablonlar var mı? Barishan (razgovor) 20:39, 9 novembar 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
Ingilizce wiktionary de isimler ičin šablonlar var.Eril ve dišil isimler ičin.Ama burada ne anlama geldiklerini maalesef bilmiyorum.--George Animal (razgovor) 20:43, 9 novembar 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
Ben şimdi bir göz atıp buraya taşıdıktan sonra açıklamalar yaparım :) Barishan (razgovor) 20:45, 9 novembar 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

örnekTešekkürler--George Animal (razgovor) 20:47, 9 novembar 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

Sen Kürtče anliyor musun ya da?Olmazsa Türkče konušuruz.--George Animal (razgovor) 20:57, 9 novembar 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
Kürtçe bilmiyorum maalesef, ama Türkçede zorlanıyorsan Almanca veya İngilizce de konuşabiliriz. Barishan (razgovor) 21:01, 9 novembar 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
Danke für deine Hilfe für alles.Bald werde ich auch türkische Einträge einfügen, sobald ich mich mit dem bosnischen Wiktionary vertraut gemacht habe und die Regeln hier verstanden habe.Aber leider kein ich kein Wort Bosnisch und die von mir hinzugefügten kurdischen Einträge habe ich mit Hilfe der türkische Einträge geschafft.-Liebe Grüße--George Animal (razgovor) 21:08, 9 novembar 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
Nichts zu danken, dafür bin ich hier :) Ich werde dir die notwendigen Übersetzungen (z.B. siehe auch, Synonyme, Verb, Substantiv usw.) schreiben, sobald ich die kurdische Vorlagen beende. Barishan (razgovor) 21:18, 9 novembar 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
Grüß dich/selam
ich danke dir vielmals für deine Mühe.Ich werde anfangen Wörter hinzuzufügen.Bald werde ich mit den dutschen/türkisch Wörter anfangen.Liebe Grüße und Danke--George Animal (razgovor) 10:19, 10 novembar 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
Ach noch einmal, nichts zu danken :) Gern geschehen. Genieß es! Barishan (razgovor) 10:42, 10 novembar 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

Little surprise :)[uredi]

Check this. ;-) I think you need to register to download it or it can be done via Facebook. You can find here also, but you have to upload something first before downloading; second option is again via Facebook. Of course, you can just read it without downloading. :-) -- KWiki (razgovor) 18:03, 19 decembar 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

Waow, that is a great surprise, indeed! I don't know how to thank you! I've just downloaded and right now I'm stucking my head into it :D Barishan (razgovor) 23:15, 19 decembar 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
But still I do have a question :D Can I also use this one for adding definitions here in Bosnian Vikirječnik? Or it's mainly for Serbian and Croatian entries? I see they're related to each other but I don't know if it's good for pointing out the differences. Barishan (razgovor) 23:21, 19 decembar 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
P. Skok used a bit different style in this dictionary when you compare it with today's standard(s), so I wouldn't recommend using his definitions without some adaptations (in any of our languages). I sent you the dictionary to use it for etymological purposes (where it can be used) because it's the best dictionary of that kind in ex-Yugoslavia ever and because I noticed that BS Wikirječnik lacks this etymological aspect. ;) And I'm here for (new) questions, of course. :-) -- KWiki (razgovor) 01:35, 20 decembar 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
Yes, with some further examination I noticed the different style as well but it's still an amazing source. Not only for Vikirječnik, but also for me :D So thanks again! Barishan (razgovor) 15:14, 20 decembar 2012 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

Alive? :-) -- KWiki (razgovor) 16:32, 19 septembar 2014 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

Almost! How is it going with you? :) Barishan (razgovor) 16:20, 25 septembar 2014 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
Let me check: a) health: good; b) job: it depends; c) love: ____________ (this is no tabloid :))). It seems you're quite busy (and I don't know what to do here when you are not around :), although there's often a time issue too). But it's better than the contrary. :) -- KWiki (razgovor) 12:17, 28 septembar 2014 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

Bot flag[uredi]

Hi Barishan. I would like to request a bot flag for EdinBot on this wiki but since there are no bureaucrats I will need to do that on meta instead. So it would be nice to get "community approval". Furthermore, I see that you are practically the only active administrator (and practically even user) here on bs-wiktionary. Even if I haven't any contributions I would like to suggest myself as an administrator, just to help out. My current activities are mainly focused on bs-wikipedia. My role here would (at least in the beginning) be mostly of technical nature. On bs-wiki I operate a bot with which I have accomplished a lot of important tasks that were useful for the community (and working on others at this moment). I think that many useful things can also be done here. On bs-wikibooks I recently got community approval for getting Administrator rights because of the same reasons that almost no activity is present there, while the pages are being vandalized without control but also some technical stuff has to be done. I hope that you'll agree with my point, but nonetheless, I would like to know your opinion on this matter. Thanks in advance. :) -- Edinwiki (razgovor) 21:24, 14 januar 2013 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

I confirm everything he said. ;) -- KWiki (razgovor) 19:59, 16 januar 2013 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
Oh so sorry, I was kind of sick so I just saw your messages. Well I totally agree with you, since I'm not even a native speaker of Bosnian/Serbo-Croatian language, regular bot contributions would be gladly appreciated. And about the administratorship, you got my full support again :) I'm sorry for my belated reply once again. And shame on me, I have exactly no idea about the bureaucracy here, should I do anything to nominate you for the adminship? Barishan (razgovor) 13:47, 19 januar 2013 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
Glad to hear that Barishan. You can nominate me here Vikirječnik:Administratori, similar to what has been done here. I would also suggest to nominate KWiki as an administator here, since as you may recall, he's an expert in our language (and of course only if he agrees upon this). :) For the bureaucrat matter, it doesn't matter who fulfills that role. As long as it is someone of us so that bot-flag requests and administrator votings can be handled locally instead of relying on the stewards from Meta. So if you want to, you can nominate us and after a few days I can contact someone on Meta to perform the changes, if agreed upon. Thanks Barishan. -- Edinwiki (razgovor) 14:06, 19 januar 2013 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
I hope I did everything correct :) Great to see other users here, thank you :) Barishan (razgovor) 14:18, 19 januar 2013 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
Thanks Barishan! Could you just please indicate somewhere that we are also requesting a local Bureaucrat. You can either nominate yourself, or otherwise put in the comments that I could fulfill that role. Anyway, I'm currently busy with two big projects on Wikipedia and Wikidata, so it will take a few weeks until I focus my activity here. But I will soon implement some bot welcoming stuff here (and other bs-projects). That should be a good start. :) -- Edinwiki (razgovor) 14:32, 19 januar 2013 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
Btw. since we are reorganizing all of this, and you indicated it yourself, we should also officially request for adminship removal for users Connel MacKenzie, Live Forever and Gangleri. The last activity is from 2006/2007, so I think that is more than a reasonable request. -- Edinwiki (razgovor) 14:37, 19 januar 2013 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]


Hi there. What is the category for "Reptiles" here? Thanks, Malafaya (razgovor) 13:49, 1 april 2013 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

Hey, I've just noticed that we don't have such a category. It's going to be Kategorija:Reptili, though. Anytime :) Barishan (razgovor) 19:12, 2 april 2013 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]


I see you really like vulgarisms. :))) And what's up, man? :) Btw, Edinwiki and I are now admins. ;) -- KWiki (razgovor) 21:52, 9 april 2013 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

Oh I love those. The creamy part of any language :) I'm doing very well, kind of busy with real-world-stuff, well school mostly. How about you? I hope everything's great! Congratulations! That's very good to have 2 more admins here, especially native speakers :) I'll be back here with more contributions as soon as I can have some time. Next goal: 10.000 articles! :) Barishan (razgovor) 23:30, 9 april 2013 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
I'm fine, thank God. Pretty much all the same like before: work, Wiki, Wiki, work, some sleep in between and so. :) And you should be given some award for your work here (although I somehow think that the work is an award itself). :) -- KWiki (razgovor) 00:06, 10 april 2013 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
Oh I love contributing here, it helps improving my Bosnian. Not about grammar maybe, but I learn lots of new words :) Barishan (razgovor) 12:56, 12 april 2013 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

A lot to do[uredi]

Hi Barishan. Let me first thank you for your support. I hope we can make a difference here. :) You should also know that if there is anything that you think that could be done by a bot, you can let me know on my talk page. At the moment I have already setup the welcome messages to new users. Regards. -- Edinwiki (razgovor) 22:03, 9 april 2013 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

I'm positively sure that you can :) Well actually I pay extra attention to declension templates, I try to create at least one simple template for every language here. A bot contribution to create declined forms of the words like they do in English Wiktionary would be great I think (Like I've done in böğürtlen manual). Do you think that's reasonable? Barishan (razgovor) 23:30, 9 april 2013 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
Can you please point me to some links on en.wikt and also explain a bit more what you want to do? I'm not sure whether I understand what exactly has to be done. -- Edinwiki (razgovor) 10:34, 10 april 2013 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
Well actually I have literally no idea how it functions, but as far as I see, SemperBlottoBot, for example, created tons of conjugated verb forms in Italian (see aspettare). Apart from bot uploads, in en.wiktionary some templates work with a one-click system, (including Turkish and Azeri) as long as the user allows that in his/her preferences. Barishan (razgovor) 12:56, 12 april 2013 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
I'll take a look at it, but on a later moment when I find some time. -- Edinwiki (razgovor) 18:24, 13 april 2013 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
It was just the first thing that came to my mind, no pressure :) Barishan (razgovor) 18:33, 13 april 2013 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

A hint[uredi]

Just one hint: instead of "ortografija" you should use "pravopis". ;) Both is correct, but Slavic word is very common in B/C/S, so it has a "head start". :) -- KWiki (razgovor) 23:16, 14 april 2013 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

Thanks for the hint! :) And, for instance, it should be izborni/alternativni pravopisi and moldavijski pravopis, right? Barishan (razgovor) 23:21, 14 april 2013 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
Not at all, I am here to help. ;) "Izborni" and "alternativni" are not the same; you have to look at the context in which they are used. "Izborni" is derived from "izbori" (1. "choices"; 2. "elections"; the singular is "izbor" = "choice"), so you see what I'm talking about? :) If you meant "different form to writing some word", then you should use "alternativni oblik". And the second question: correct form is "moldavski". -- KWiki (razgovor) 23:36, 14 april 2013 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
Yes, I just wanted to know if that -i ending was correct. Thanks again, indeed :) Barishan (razgovor) 23:40, 14 april 2013 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
If you have a potential job for a bot (like replacing some words with others), remember Edinwiki. ;) The man is a machine. :)) -- KWiki (razgovor) 23:45, 14 april 2013 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

Note: B/C/S (and some other languages probably) also have singular and plural (I mean: as words), besides jednina i množina (and dual = dvojina). It is not limited to English alone. (Although you probably did not have time to work it all.) – KWiki (razgovor) 18:31, 26 juni 2020 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

Yes, it's on my list to do in a free time. Thanks though! Barishan (razgovor) 07:45, 27 juni 2020 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

Wikirječnik i Wikidata[uredi]

Hi Barishan. There is a discussion page about implementing Wikidata on Wiktionary. If you are interested to participate you can find the "thread" here (use talk page for discussions). -- Edinwiki (razgovor) 09:35, 24 juni 2013 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

Hi, sorry for my mega belated answer, but I was really busy with school and stuff. Actually I'm not sure how helpful I can be about this discussion, I'm such a dummy when it comes to this technical things. Sorry :/ Barishan (razgovor) 16:07, 15 juli 2013 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

Global account[uredi]

Hi Barishan! As a Steward I'm involved in the upcoming unification of all accounts organized by the Wikimedia Foundation (see m:Single User Login finalisation announcement). By looking at your account, I realized that you don't have a global account yet. In order to secure your name, I recommend you to create such account on your own by submitting your password on Special:MergeAccount and unifying your local accounts. If you have any problems with doing that or further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me on my talk page. Cheers, DerHexer (razgovor) 15:02, 13 januar 2015 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

Translating the interface in your language, we need your help[uredi]

Hello Barishan, thanks for working on this wiki in your language. We updated the list of priority translations and I write you to let you know. The language used by this wiki (or by you in your preferences) needs about 100 translations or less in the priority list. You're almost done!
Za dodavanje ili promjenu prijevoda za sve wikije koristite translatewiki.net, projekt za lokalizaciju MediaWikija.

Please register on translatewiki.net if you didn't yet and then help complete priority translations (make sure to select your language in the language selector). With a couple hours' work or less, you can make sure that nearly all visitors see the wiki interface fully translated. Nemo 14:06, 26 april 2015 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

Hi Nemo, thank you for letting me know but I don't think that I could give accurate Bosnian translations for such either technical or sensitive codes. I can however work for the Turkish version for that. Thanks :) Barishan (razgovor) 10:44, 13 maj 2015 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

Armenski / ermenski[uredi]

Knock-knock! :-) Just a quick info: it seems that correct form in Bosnian is "ermenski" (< "Ermenija"; "Ermeni"). I suppose it is taken from Turkish "Ermenistan"), although "armenski" is very widely used. There is a Serbian form – "jermenski" ("Jermenija"; "Jermeni"); it's also used in communication (lesser than "armenski") but it is not standard form. -- KWiki (razgovor) 13:33, 20 august 2015 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

Oops. And I searched this pretty long, asked native speakers whether the standard Bosnian form is armenski or ermenski. So do we have to change all "armenski"s to "ermenski" here? Or is it acceptable to use armenski? Barishan (razgovor) 09:14, 11 septembar 2015 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
I am not sure yet. Personally, I prefer "Armenija/armenski" but on BS Wiki we accepted "Ermenija/ermenski". Here's an extract from the "Ermenija" talk page (in Bosnian), in which the source for "Ermenija" is given (the book by H. Muratagić-Tuna, page 429; that was the basis for change of the name on BS Wiki):

"Rječnik bosanskog jezika (ISBN 995-862-00-89), izdat od Instituta za jezik u Sarajevu 2007, ne spominje ni Armeniju niti Ermeniju, ali u knjizi Bosanski, hrvatski, srpski – aktuelni pravopisi (Sarajevo, 2005), autorice Hasnije Muratagić-Tune, u izdanju Bosanskog filoškog društva (ISBN 9958-9309-0-0) na stranici 429. piše:

  • bosanski: Ermenija, pridj. ermenski, Ermen, Ermenka...
  • hrvatski: Armenija
  • srpski: Jermenija."

-- KWiki (razgovor) 21:47, 13 septembar 2015 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

Well, from now on I'll use ermenski then, but to be honest I don't feel like changing all "armenski"s to "ermenski" at all :D Barishan (razgovor) 11:49, 22 septembar 2015 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
I understand you absolutely. :-) -- KWiki (razgovor) 13:18, 23 septembar 2015 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
Update: Last year the new edition of our orthography was published and now it is only "Armenija / Armenac / armenski" and so on. (You can download mobile app Pravopis.ba if needed.) Also, few days ago Institute for Language (of the University of Sarajevo) and Bosniak culture community "Preporod" announced that new orthography will be published sometimes in 2021 (that one will be worked on institutionally, unlike the previous one, and should be considered as the main one; but until then we use the one from 2019). – KWiki (razgovor) 10:12, 20 juni 2020 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
Thank you very much! That will be great for me! I really appreciate that Barishan (razgovor) 13:03, 20 juni 2020 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]


One important difference in order of cases (nothing to do with the meaning, but could be useful for declination templates): in Croatian it is locative - instrumental, in Bosnian (and Serbian) it is vice versa. – KWiki (razgovor) 16:34, 20 juni 2020 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

Great! Thanks! Speaking of the cases, actually there is an important issue about the declination templates of Turkish. The genitive and instrumental exist in the language as well, but they are not counted as "cases" according to the Turkish grammar. All Wiktionaries (including the Turkish one) list the genitive on the declination templates for some reason. I don't want to remove it completely, I just want to add a footnote stating that it is not counted as a case. And since the instrumental exists in Bosnian, maybe it'd be OK to add it as well with the same note but I am not pretty sure about that as it is just considered "a word with the particle with". What do you think? Barishan (razgovor) 16:53, 20 juni 2020 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
Hm... I don't know. It is your language (I suppose), so I will trust your knowledge. In Bosnian every case is counted as case. P. S.: When you have time, could you write these entries: koʻplik‏‎ · singular‏‎ · plural‏‎ · 40 · 50 · 60 · 70? (They are in the box on the top of "Recent changes" page.) (Note: For koʻplik‏‎, check the form of apostrophe: I am not sure if this one is correct.) – KWiki (razgovor) 10:17, 21 juni 2020 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
I am definitely going to add a footnote to the genitive, I just wanted to ask for your opinion about the instrumental. If I add all particles, it would be possible to further add the abessive, essive... just like Finnish. I only thought of the instrumental because it exists in Bosnian. Anyways yeah, I guess it'd be a good idea to give them to (possible) readers of native Bosnian speakers. Is "genitiv i instrumental ne smatraju se padežima prema turskoj gramatici" correct?
Yeah, post-Soviet spellings of Turkic languages are always a challenge. I will tackle them as soon as possible. Barishan (razgovor) 13:09, 21 juni 2020 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]
"Genitiv i instrumental ne smatraju se padežima u turskoj gramatici" (upper case G if that is the beginning of sentence, otherwise lower case, i.e., if it is going to be a note in parenthesis). – KWiki (razgovor) 15:34, 24 juni 2020 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

Template for adjectives[uredi]

I saw that there are adjectives in the category "Imenice". We should have this declination template for them. – KWiki (razgovor) 14:30, 26 juli 2020 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

I've imported 5 tables from sh.Wiktionary, pogledaj "turski" i "velik". (velik needs definitions and possible synonyms by the way :) -- Barishan (razgovor) 19:03, 26 juli 2020 (KSV)Reply[odgovori]

How we will see unregistered users[uredi]


You get this message because you are an admin on a Wikimedia wiki.

When someone edits a Wikimedia wiki without being logged in today, we show their IP address. As you may already know, we will not be able to do this in the future. This is a decision by the Wikimedia Foundation Legal department, because norms and regulations for privacy online have changed.

Instead of the IP we will show a masked identity. You as an admin will still be able to access the IP. There will also be a new user right for those who need to see the full IPs of unregistered users to fight vandalism, harassment and spam without being admins. Patrollers will also see part of the IP even without this user right. We are also working on better tools to help.

If you have not seen it before, you can read more on Meta. If you want to make sure you don’t miss technical changes on the Wikimedia wikis, you can subscribe to the weekly technical newsletter.

We have two suggested ways this identity could work. We would appreciate your feedback on which way you think would work best for you and your wiki, now and in the future. You can let us know on the talk page. You can write in your language. The suggestions were posted in October and we will decide after 17 January.

Thank you. /Johan (WMF)

18:10, 4 januar 2022 (KSV)